Thursday, December 26, 2013

Honoring the fallen of 2012's top fifty

Before we continue this year's top fifty countdown, let's take a brief moment to pay tribute to the seventeen shows from last year's top fifty list that, for reasons of not airing any episodes in 2013 due to cancellation/ending/hiatus or just me not liking them as much, failed to retain their top fifty placement this year:

Kicked off from 2012 list

• Once Upon a Time (ABC, #49) - Didn't watch any this year.
• Go On (NBC, #48) - It's like Community, but without the imagination or the funny.
• Adventure Time (CN, #47) - Didn't watch any this year.
 Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 (ABC, #43) - Quit when it was clear it was about to be canceled.
• Hell on Wheels (AMC, #41) - Dragged its feet too much this season, though the finale was good.
• Last Resort (ABC, #40) - Aired only a few episodes this year and none blew me away.
• Glee (Fox, #39) - Lost me when they started compressing the timeline. It's still set in spring 2013!
• Veep (HBO, #38) - Too cruel, too meanspirited. Made me feel awful. Had to quit.
• Archer (FX, #33) - Not enough imagination on an episode-by-episode basis.
• The Daily Show (Comedy Central, #30) - Not an election year, so I didn't watch much.

Canceled/ended/hiatus from 2012 list

• Sword Art Online (Hulu, #45) - Ended.
• Bent (NBC, #42) - Canceled.
• Chuck (NBC, #34) - Ended.
• Sherlock (PBS, #28) - Hiatus.
• Awake (NBC, #25) - Canceled.
 Louie (FX, #16) - Hiatus.
• The L.A. Complex (The CW, #11) - Canceled.

May they rest in peace. Except Sherlock and Louie, which are back next year; the former in January. Hooray!

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